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NEW Organically Enriched Compost Soil

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New update as of 8/24/20 – Due to the new rules and regulations in in Williamson County, we now have limited staffing that has required that we temporarily change our hours and facility rules as follows: We plan to be open Monday to Saturday 7 am to 5 pm (weather permitting). Pick up of materials may be done between 7 am to 5 pm this will help our staff properly set up for the day and peacefully end the day, we do not want to keep them working past the new hours. Yes we are still providing delivery services Monday to Saturday. If you call us and we place you on hold please know we are doing the best we can and it would be helpful to text us at  512-635-7155 if you have a quick question or request. We will reply as soon as possible. Also be aware that if you plan on picking up material we suggest you call us before heading over to make sure we are open as things may change without notice including on rainy days. You may call in pick up orders over the phone and pay by credit card but you will still be required to stop at office and pick up the paper copy of your order at the window. You will not be loaded without your receipt.  Be safe and thank you for understanding.


Retail Price List June 2021

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for accurate and current pricing as well as delivery quotes prices.

Our prices have been changing unexpectedly, in which is also stated on our price list and website. We are currently working on getting the updated price list, we hope you understand. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 512-930-2311 or text 512-635-7155. Thank you!

  • Papi’s News – New Updated Soil Mixes –>> Soil Mix Ratios  Note: Austin Landscape Supplies reserves the right to substitute compost used in soil mixes or change ratio quantities at any time without notice.

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Austin Landscape supplies, recommends, and sells organic landscape supplies as a means of keeping Austin a safe and beautiful place to live. See some organic landscaping examples and browse our extensive organic landscaping products to find just what you need.


Having problems with the drought? Xeriscaping is the solution. Call or come by today, let our friendly staff help guide your way to a beautiful landscaped yard.

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to most places in and around Austin and the surrounding communities, including, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Hutto. Call us today at (512) 930-2311 for delivery prices to your area.

Availability of items may vary

Please call to ensure that the items pictured are in stock and available for pickup or delivery.

Photos are used to give a general representation of product color, shape, size and texture. Natural stone is a product of nature. Therefore, we cannot guarantee characteristics of stone represented in photographs.

Note: Sizes of gravel, river rock and thickness of stone are approximate. They will not be exact and will vary per batch. To ensure correct and accurate coverage per material you must speak to a certified specialist, our sales representatives calculate by approximations and estimates. We are not experienced landscapers, gardeners, patio builders or masons etc. Always do your own research and it would be wise to obtain a second opinion. Material in our yard will not be clean, power washed or dust free. River rocks, gravels and stones will need to be washed prior or after installation. Remember most of our products derive from nature therefore we cannot guarantee characteristics portrayed in pictures or display samples.

Prices and store hours subject to change without notice. (All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.)