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Basalt Gravel: The Star of Texas in Decorative and Construction Uses


Elevate the aesthetic and functional aspects of your outdoor spaces with our premium Basalt Gravel. Also known as Texas Star or Texas Black Star, this gravel is as versatile as it is beautiful, making it a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial landscapers.


Key Features:

  • Distinctive Color: Basalt Gravel is dark in color with streaks of white quartz, offering a unique and striking appearance. When wet, it transforms into a beautiful black hue.

  • Decorative Appeal: Popular as a decorative rock, Basalt Gravel adds a touch of elegance to any landscape, from garden beds to water features.

  • Construction Uses: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Basalt Gravel is commonly used in construction projects, making it an excellent choice for driveways and other high-traffic areas.

  • Eco-Friendly: Responsibly sourced, our Basalt Gravel is an environmentally friendly choice that's safe for both plants and pets.



  • Adds a unique, aesthetic touch to your landscape
  • Provides a durable solution for driveways and construction projects
  • Transforms in color when wet, adding a dynamic element to your outdoor spaces


Choose Basalt Gravel for a blend of decorative elegance and functional durability. Available in various bulk options to suit projects of any scale. Experience the unique beauty and versatility of our premium Basalt Gravel.

Basalt Gravel (various sizes)

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