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The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping During a Drought

Landscaping during a drought can seem like a monumental challenge, but with the right strategies, your yard can flourish even under water-scarce conditions. Let's dive straight into creating a drought-resilient, sustainable, and captivating landscape.

1. Choose Drought-Tolerant Plants

Opt for xerophytic plants, specifically adapted to thrive in low-water conditions. Some excellent options include:

  • Succulents such as aloe, agave, and various cacti.

  • Native grasses like buffalo grass or blue grama.

  • Perennials like lavender, sage, and Russian sage.

  • Shrubs including rosemary and juniper.

2. Mulch Your Garden

Mulch, especially organic varieties like wood chips or straw, can help retain soil moisture and reduce its temperature. This conserves water and prevents soil erosion, vital during drought conditions.

3. Reduce Lawn Space

Traditional lawns consume vast amounts of water. Think about replacing them with drought-tolerant ground covers, like clover or creeping thyme. Alternatively, choose grass species known for their resilience in dry conditions.

4. Adopt Efficient Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are a boon during droughts, delivering water directly to plant roots and minimizing wastage through evaporation. To augment your water supply, consider systems for rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling.

5. Group Plants by Their Watering Needs

Organize your garden into zones or hydrozones. By grouping plants based on their water requirements, you ensure efficient irrigation, preventing water wastage.

6. Prioritize Soil Health

Enriching soil with organic matter, such as compost, boosts its structure and water retention capabilities. This nurtures plants and conserves moisture more effectively.

7. Water Wisely

Even drought-tolerant plants can suffer from overwatering. For best results, water deeply but infrequently. This strategy promotes deep root growth, enhancing plant resilience.

8. Provide Shade

Utilize shade trees or shade cloths to shield your plants from intense sun, thereby reducing water evaporation and maintaining cooler soil temperatures.

9. Stay Vigilant with Maintenance

Regularly inspect your garden for any signs of stress or pests. Drought-stricken plants can be more vulnerable to diseases, so early detection and action are key.

10. Keep Learning

Engage with local gardening clubs or workshops that specialize in drought-resistant landscaping. There's always more to discover and implement in your garden.


Even under the strain of a drought, your garden has the potential to shine with life and color. With these strategies, not only will you conserve precious water resources, but your yard will also stand as an embodiment of sustainability and resilience. If you're ready to bring these landscaping ideas to life, make your next stop Austin Landscape Supplies. They have an extensive range of drought-tolerant plants, mulching options, and everything else you'd need for a resilient garden. Dive in and transform your landscape today!

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