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Pea Gravel ¼” – ⅜”: The Smooth Choice for High-Traffic Areas


Step up the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces with our premium Pea Gravel, available in sizes ranging from ¼” to ⅜”. Ideal for both homeowners and commercial landscapers, this gravel is perfect for high-traffic areas, offering both durability and visual appeal.


Key Features:

  • Smooth Finish: Our Pea Gravel features a smooth finish, making it an excellent choice for walkways, playgrounds, patios, and other areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

  • Versatile Applications: Like crushed stone, Pea Gravel is also suitable for underground projects, such as drainage and pipe bedding, offering a multi-purpose solution for various landscaping needs.

  • Eco-Friendly: Responsibly sourced, our Pea Gravel is an environmentally friendly choice that's safe for both plants and pets.



  • Adds a smooth, aesthetic touch to your high-traffic areas
  • Provides a versatile solution for both above-ground and underground projects
  • Offers an environmentally responsible choice for your landscaping needs


Choose Pea Gravel for a harmonious blend of functional durability and aesthetic appeal. Available in various bulk options to suit projects of any scale. Experience the smooth, versatile excellence of our premium Pea Gravel.

Pea Gravel

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