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Loam: Colorado River Basin's Nutrient-Rich Soil for Robust Growth


Unearth the potential of your garden with Austin Landscape Supplies' premium Loam, sourced directly from the Colorado River basin. This sandy loam soil is rich in nutrients and organic matter, making it an excellent choice for various landscaping and gardening applications.


Key Features:

  • Colorado River Basin Origin: Our Loam is sourced from the fertile Colorado River basin, ensuring a nutrient-rich profile for optimal plant growth.

  • Natural Composition: This sandy loam soil contains natural elements like dirt clods, roots, and small rocks, offering a well-balanced texture for various planting needs.

  • Versatile Applications: Due to its nutrient-rich composition, this loam is perfect for a wide range of horticultural needs, from flower beds to vegetable gardens and lawns.

  • Eco-Friendly: Responsibly sourced, our Loam is an environmentally friendly choice that's safe for both plants and pets.



  • Provides a nutrient-rich, well-textured soil for optimal plant growth
  • Offers a versatile solution for various horticultural needs
  • Delivers a natural, organic touch to your landscape


Choose Loam for a harmonious blend of nutrient richness and natural texture. Available in various bulk options to suit projects of any scale. Unlock the full potential of your garden with the nutrient-rich, versatile excellence of our premium Loam.

Loam (screened and unscreened)

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