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Steel Edging: The Ultimate Solution for Long-Lasting Edge Control


When it comes to edge control for your landscaping projects, Austin Landscape Supplies recommends our Steel Edging as the go-to solution. Unlike plastic edging, steel offers superior durability, longevity, and shape retention. It's the preferred choice for those looking to invest in a permanent, high-quality edging solution.


Key Features:

  • Superior Durability: Made from high-quality steel, this edging is designed to withstand the elements and resist denting, ensuring it lasts much longer than plastic alternatives.

  • Shape Retention: Steel edging maintains its shape over time, providing a clean, crisp border that enhances the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

  • Stability and Sturdiness: The inherent strength of steel adds stability and sturdiness to your project, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.



  • Provides a permanent, durable solution for edge control in various landscaping projects.
  • Offers superior shape retention, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.
  • Adds stability and sturdiness to your landscaping, making it more resilient to wear and tear.


Choose Steel Edging for a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and durable functionality. Invest in the long-lasting quality of steel and elevate the stability and visual appeal of your landscaping projects.

Steel Edging (10")

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