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Capitol Type S High Bond Masonry Cement: The Ultimate Choice for Strength and Durability


When it comes to masonry cement that offers both strength and versatility, Austin Landscape Supplies is pleased to present Capitol Type S High Bond Masonry Cement. This exceptional product meets or exceeds the ASTM C91-05 Standard Specification for Masonry Cement, making it a reliable and high-quality choice for a multitude of construction applications.


Key Features:

  • ASTM Compliant: Fully meets or exceeds the ASTM C91-05 standards, ensuring you're using a product that is up to industry specifications.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for exterior walls, retaining walls, manholes, sewers, pavements, walls, and patios at or below grade. Also suitable for load-bearing walls, both interior and exterior.

  • High Bond Strength: Specifically designed as a Type S cement, it offers high bond strength for demanding construction needs.

  • Masonry and Plastering: Can be used in both masonry and plastering construction without the need for additional cements or hydrated lime.

  • Mortar Preparation: Primarily used in the preparation of Specification C 270 Type S mortar.

  • Color Options: Choose between Grey and White to match the aesthetic needs of your project.

  • Packaging: Conveniently available in 75lb bags for easy handling and storage.

  • Eco-Friendly: Responsibly sourced, Capitol Type S Masonry Cement is an environmentally friendly choice that's safe for both plants and pets.



  • Provides a high-bond, durable cement suitable for a variety of masonry and plastering applications.
  • Ensures structural integrity and long-lasting performance in various construction elements.
  • Offers aesthetic flexibility with color options.


For your next construction project that demands both strength and versatility, choose Capitol Type S High Bond Masonry Cement. Whether you're building a retaining wall, laying a patio, or constructing load-bearing walls, Capitol Type S is the go-to choice for durability, high bond strength, and quality.

Capitol Type S High Bond Masonry Cement

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