Soil from Colorado River basin which has dirt clods, roots & small rocks.


Soil from Colorado River basin -finely screened for dirt clods, roots, & rocks.

Landscape Mix

20% composted grass clippings and leaves, 70% loam & and 10% coarse sand

Good for grass and xeriscapes

Grower’s Mix

Excellent soil for vegetable or flower garden.
40% compost, 40% loam, 10% bank sand, 10% granite sand.

Dillo Mix

Excellent soil mix for top dressing grass and general plants.
33% Dillo, 33% loam, 33% bank sand.

Premium Mix

Our best bedding soil. Used for prized perennials, soil amendment or potting soil.
60% compost, 10% bank sand, 10% granite sand, 20% loam.

Special Plant Mix

Our select soil for special plants – roses and azaleas. 60% compost, 30% pine bark, 10% granite sand.

ALS Horse Compost

Best soil amendment available.
Horse manure, wood shavings, yard wastes.

Dillo Dirt **

Compost from organic waste of Austin’s residents. Great soil amendment or top dressing for lawns.

ALS Top Dressing

Great soil amendment or top dressing for lawns.
50% compost & 50% sand.

One Yard Coverage (approximate)
Area (ft2) Depth (in)
25 12
50 6
100 3
200 2
300 1

**Dillo Dirt is sewer Sludge Compost

*All sizes are approximate figures & may vary

*Discounts available for large quantities of 30 yards or more

*$15.00 culling fee for all unopened pallets.

*$0.03 re-stacking fee for palletized rock
$35 return check fee
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

**Some products are not available at all times of the year
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