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Installation and Maintenance Guide

Engineered Wood Fiber also known as Kiddie Mulch

WKP Enterprises, Incorporated / dba Austin Landscape Supplies recommends using the service of a certified engineer or a landscape architect who is familiar with the local soil and climatic conditions to evaluate the information provided, especially as it relates to drainage. To prolong the life of Engineered Wood Fiber, here on out known as EWF, a drainage system is recommended. However, we do not dictate how extensive your drainage systems should be to be effective.

WKP Enterprises, Inc. assumes no responsibility for determining the size of the playground or the safety zone between the equipment and the border. An installer must thoroughly examine the site, specification, and carefully check the dimensions before starting work.

Installation: In Ground / Above Ground

  • Excavate the area 12 inches (recommended 12 inch depth for certification to apply) with a grade that ensures proper drainage. The most effective drainage may be to carry all water outside of the play area.
  • Install retaining border.
  • The area should be well compacted and accurately graded, especially in areas where additional fill has been brought in.
  • Install playground equipment.
  • Install the EWF to the proper depth (12 inch minimum). EWF is delivered in bulk form with dump trucks. Mulch can be staged in one location and moved into the play area or, when possible, dumped straight into the play area.
  • A bobcat or a small front-end loader may be used to spread surfacing, however it will also be necessary to spread manually. Please note the surfacing will be several inches above grade until it is compacted. EWF needs to be compacted in order to be accessible to all. This may be achieved by using a compactor in the initial installation.
  • ALS also recommends installation of rubber mats in excessive wear zones, such as, slide exits, under swings and sliding poles. The rubber mats should be placed on top of 6 inches of surfacing material with the remainder of the 6 inches covering the mat.
  • Level the EWF by hand raking the surface areas. After two weeks of active use, the surface must be raked again.
  • Periodic adjustments of the mats in the excessive use zones will help control displacement in these high use zones. Wetting down the initial load will help with compaction. WARNING: Failure to maintain Kiddie Mulch at the initial installation depth (12 inches) may result in an injury.

The installation instructions must be followed in order to validate WKP Enterprises, Inc./ dba Austin Landscape Supplies limited warranty. Replacement and replenishing mulch must be provided by WKP Enterprises, Inc./ dba Austin Landscape Supplies to continue validation.

Limited Warranty warrants our playground surfacing material meets with the Playground Surfacing Guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission when tested within the laboratory temperature guidelines as determined by the ASTM standard F1292 under normal use.

WKP Enterprises, Inc. / dba Austin Landscape Supplies Engineered Wood Fiber is tested through TUV SUD America, Incorporated for the “Critical Fall Height” rating in compliance with ASTM F1292 for this type of surfacing material. The use of EWF should be based on the findings of a certified engineer or landscape architect. You can obtain a copy of our rating for “Critical Fall Height” test results by contacting our office at (512)930-2311, by mail: 5137 S. IH-35, Georgetown, Texas 78626, email:

WKP Enterprises, Inc. / dba Austin Landscape Supplies is a member of IPEMA, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association whose mission is to provide creative, fun, and safe play environments of children. To verify product certification, visit

Maintenance Guidelines

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF), or Kiddie Mulch, requires maintenance to ensure surfacing levels never drop below the proper recommended level of 12 inches. The proper level of EWF must be maintained in order to ensure the product does what it is designed to do and ensure warranty validation. The perimeter of the playground should provide adequate containment and the playground area should have the proper drainage for the EWF, as recommended by your landscape architect and/or engineer.

  • Daily visual inspection should be performed to check for foreign debris such as rocks, broken glass and other trash. These items must to be removed.
  • Daily visual inspection should be performed to check for EWF depth. A depth of 12 inches must be maintained for warranty validation. Redistribute and/or top off EWF as needed. Regular topping off of EWF should be performed every 1 to 3 years depending on use of playground.
  • High impact areas may need more frequent inspections and redistribution of the EWF. Inspection of wear mats should be performed to check for wear, tear, and dislocation.
  • Daily visual inspection of drainage is needed to maintain proper drainage. Check for blockage by foreign debris and/or ice. Without proper drainage ice will form and Kiddie Mulch will freeze in temperatures below freezing. If this happens Kiddie Mulch will no longer function as a protective surface. The play area should be closed down for use and not reopened until temperatures rise above freezing. WARNING: Life threatening injuries may occur when a child falls onto the frozen surface.
  • Due to the wind, birds, other animals, and normal tracking weed growth may occur. If this occurs hand pulling of weeds maybe necessary and/or an environmentally approved weed killer maybe used (check with product manufacture for approved use around children).

WARNING: Incorrect installation, lack of maintenance, improper use with other material not designed as EWF, and/or mixing of materials could result in serious injury or death.

WARNING: No Engineered Wood Fiber or Kiddie Mulch surfacing can prevent all accidents or injuries.