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Since opening its doors in the mid to late 80’s, Austin Landscape Supplies strives to serve the landscaping needs of Austin and the surrounding communities. Owned and operated by Kenneth “Patrick” Whittlesey and his lovely wife, Ana, who both emphasize and maintain the idea of a healthy and beautiful community by providing quality products and services that meet high standards of clean living.

Patrick started his journey with his family working heavily in rail road ties and timbers then later branching out into sands, gravels, and landscaping materials. By 1986, Patrick was ready to venture out on his own opening at the current location in Georgetown, Texas. Patrick and Ana realize how blessed they are to play an important part in the community by providing the best… the best customer service, the best products, and the best of their knowledge to continue to go forward with “green” products that are environmentally safe and pleasing for both residential and commercial customers.

Austin Landscape Supplies (ALS) offers a wide array of products from soils, sand and gravels to flagging and patio rock from other parts of our country as well as water features allowing you to let your imagination create beautiful, unique landscaping. And most importantly, of course, we have rail road ties!

ALS is an environmentally friendly company. With green living in mind we mix our own soils here. We take raw materials and add compost and other necessary minerals and products producing different levels of specialty soils. ALS uses Austin Dillo Dirt for a soil mix, which has been tested and proven to be safe for use in yards and gardens. We manufacture most of our mulches using only the best of colorants that are safe for people, animals and the environment. ALS has a full line of natural stone and boulders to enhance any landscape project.

Along with all the products we can offer you, we can deliver them to you as well. ALS has the truck that fits your needs.

Come in, take a look around or call with your questions. We’ll be glad to help you. Our customer-friendly representatives are eager to do their best to serve you.

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